On Line Tracking

Service addressed to end-users.

Each end-user has the ability to be updated about the status of the repair process of his or her mobile phone, which has been given to one of the points of sale of SMARTEC.

Accessing the B2C area, several reliable information is given fully automated in regards to the stage of the repair process, such as repair in progress, confirmation pending, ready to be delivered, etc.

Instructions to access the service:

1. When you deliver us your mobile phone, you receive a receipt, which includes an alphanumeric code.

2. Type the data, which is written on the receipt given to you, in order to authenticate yourselves and have access to the system.

3. Once you enter into the system, you will be notified about the current status of the repair process of your mobile phone, along with any pending issues, which you are requested to accept or reject, in order to proceed to the next level of the repair process.

4. Once we deliver the mobile phone to you, you will no longer have access to the system, given that the latter will deactivate your access rights automatically.

5. For security reasons, the system keeps track of your I.P. Address, from which you access this page.

Service addressed to corporate clients.

Each corporate client has the ability to be updated for individual and grouped trasnactions of technical services, which have been assigned to SMARTEC.

The system provides a flexible report format of the several fields.

Each corporate client can easily and fully automated be informed about issues of direct interest, such as description of damage, estimated cost, warranty status, etc.

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